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Army pummels NE Damascus from Alawite hilltop settlements

April 30, 2013

BOMBING DAMASCUS: Citizen journalists document the bombardment of Barzeh district in northeast Damascus. The commentary on the video describes the attacks originating from a mountain post on a run by Branch 211.  Violence in this disputed area intensified earlier this month.

Regime forces use the heights surrounding the district, including the Alawite populated town of Eish al-Warwar, to target it with mortars and snipers. Surface-to-surface missiles have been used against Barzeh as well. The Barzeh LCC claims that the FSA has killed nearly 126 members of the army and shabiha in the last 4 days. The LCC has published another video of FSA fighters targeting soldiers on the roof of Teshrine [October] Military Hospital in the area. Video courtesy of Barza Damascus YouTube channel.

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