16 05, 2019

“The SDF must acknowledge Turkey’s role in the region” says Kurdish political analyst

By Mohammad Abdulssattar Ibrahim|2020-12-02T14:35:40+01:00May 16, 2019|

Abdullah Öcalan, the founder and leader of the Kurdish Workers Party (the PKK) has been in solitary confinement for the last twenty years, sitting in a cell in the Turkish Imrali island prison in the Marmara Sea. His contact with the outside world has been extremely limited. It thus came as a surprise when on the May 2nd, Öcalan was allowed to meet with his legal defense for the first time since 2011.

25 03, 2019

‘When things happen in the dark, there’s a higher risk that abuses occur’: HRW’s Nadim Houry on post-IS transitional justice

By Jodi BrignolaTom Rollins|2020-12-02T14:47:59+01:00March 25, 2019|

Seemingly endless lines of Islamic State fighters streamed out of the group's last pocket, Baghouz, last weekend as US-backed fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces rendered the thin strip of riverbank into a surrealistic sea of empty tents and abandoned cars. By Saturday morning, defeat was finally announced.

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