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Close Encounter

July 29, 2013

FIGHTERS FACE TO FACE: Just days after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a summary execution of 150 Assad troops by Nusra Front forces in Aleppo, 

a different kind of encounter between government and FSA soldiers is drawing thousands of views and lively commentary from Syrians online.

“Come here it is safe,” calls out a FSA member of the Sa’ad bin Obada al-Khazraji Brigade, to a regime fighter in Al-Mleha about 5 km southeast of Damascus, “I am from Syria”, replies the government soldier identified as Mustafa Shadoud, when asked where his hometown is located. Speaking in a strong Latakia coastal accent, Shadoud credits the Syrian people not the state for giving him a chance pursue higher education.

“Each family in Syria has one of its members in the army,” declares the regime soldier as he chats with “enemy” forces while his comrades huddle visibly in the distance. “Why can’t we have this guy as President for Syria,” asked viewer Mohamed Qasem in a YouTube posting. “It is not reasonable Syria burns for someone like Bashar.”

Video Courtesy of Free Syrian Network

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