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Damascus: Mid-day news update 5-10-13

The update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed […]

10 May 2013

EyewitnessThe update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.


* Two mortars land on al-Kassaa district.

* The FSA resists regime forces’ attempts to invade Tishreen neighborhood and kills 2 army soldiers.

* The FSA attempts to block the invasion of the Barzah district from the west, kills and injuries a number of soldiers. The district has been bombed with mortars.

Outer Damascus:

* Harasta City targeted with rocket-launchers.

* The FSA invades the Najha Residences area near al-Husainiah Camp, kills and injures a large number of regime forces. They’ve destroyed two tanks and capture a third.

* Khan al-Sheikh and al-Husayniah camps subjected to heavy bombardment.


* American Secretary of State John Kerry warns that Russia’s missile delivery to Syria will “destabilize” the Middle East and will impose a threat to Israel’s security.

* Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have launched chemical weapons against their opponents, crossing the red lines drawn by President Barak Obama “a long time ago.”

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