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Damascus: * The Air Force carries out airstrikes on the […]

3 June 2013


* The Air Force carries out airstrikes on the city of al-Hajar al-Aswad, injuring a number of people.

* A Palestinian man killed by a sniper in Yarmouk Camp.

* Regime forces storm the district of Roken a-Deen, looking for draft-aged men who didn’t join the army. The campaign included Asad a-Deen Street, the areas around al-Khawali Café and Layali a-Sham.

Outer Damascus:

* The FSA destroys a T72 tank in the city of Harasta, near the Ministry of Irrigation.

* Fierce clashes between regime forces and the FSA on the western frontline of Moadamiyah city. Meanwhile, heavy tank and artillery bombardment from the 4th Division in the mountains randomly target the city.

* Heavy artillery and rocket bombardment on the towns and cities of Eastern Ghouta, mainly on Zamalka, Harasta and Melayha.

* Heavy bombardment on the farms of Melayha, and scouting planes hover over the town.

* Renewed bombardment on the city of Zabadani.

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