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Damascus: Mid-day News Update 6-19-2013

Damascus * Explosion in al-Hajebiyeh neighborhood, in the industrial city; […]

19 June 2013


* Explosion in al-Hajebiyeh neighborhood, in the industrial city; security forces sent to the scene.

* Tower 17 targeted by FSA in al-Qa’ah Neighbor in Midan, which holds regime targets Yarmouk Camp.

* More bombardment on Barzah city and its orchards

* Artillery targets the neighborhoods of al-Qadam and al-Asaali as violent clashes continue


Outer Damascus

* FSA breaks through Khomaini Hospital and the gas station that are considered bases for Hezbollah soldiers and Abu al-Fadel Battalion in Theyabiyeh. Three Hezbollah soldiers were killed, and a soldier from the FSA

* Violent artillery bombardment on Zaidani targets civilian residences and displaces people.

* Artillery targets Moadamiya area, with many injuries reported.

* A shelling on the vegetable market in Husainiya Camp, resulting in one person killed and others injured.

* Artillery targets the city of Adra.

* Rockets target Zamalka.

* Violent bombardment targets the town of Ain Tarma at a rate of two shells in a minute, while reconnaissance aircraft conduct raids on the city.

* Rockets target the towns around Damascus: Arbin, Mlieha, Hujierat al-Balad, Saida Zainab, and Halbon in Qalamon.

EyewitnessThe mid-day news update is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.

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