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Damascus mid-day update 6-4-2013

Damascus: * Several shells land on al-Fayha area; two behind […]

4 June 2013


* Several shells land on al-Fayha area; two behind the Russian embassy, one on al-Adawi Bridge, before the checkpoint of the Russian embassy and one behind the fence of al-Fayha stadium in front of the Political Security branch.

* Clashes between regime forces and the FSA at the Military Police checkpoint in Tishreen neighborhood result in the deaths of regime soldiers and members of shabiha.

* The FSA resists regime attempt to invade Barzeh from al-Hanbali area. The district’s farms have been heavily bombed.

* Regime forces renew mortar bombardment on the industrial area in al-Qaboon.

Outer Damascus:

* The Air Force carries out four airstrikes on the city of Zabadani. Army checkpoints around the city bomb it at the same time. No casualties have been reported.

* Heavy bombardment on the farms of the town of Rankous.

* Heavy artillery bombardment on Hajirat al-Balad.

* Heavy artillery and mortar bombardment on the city of Zamalka and Eastern Ghouta cities since the morning. The bombing came from the mountain of “al-Assad Suburb” and the tanks based on the Southern Highway.

* Heavy bombardment from al-Nour checkpoint on Melayha’s THAMICO building.

* Heavy artillery bombardment on the farms of Khan a-Shieh, from checkpoint 68.

* Heavy artillery bombardment on the cities of Darayya and Moadamiyah.


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