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Darayya marks 1,000 days of siege

July 7, 2015

Activists from Darayya city produced a virtual commemorative $1,000 bill to mark the thousandth day since the Syrian regime encircled their city, reported the Darayya Media Center on Facebook Monday.

“The campaign is directed to the outside world… to highlight the suffering due to the siege of Darayya,” Mustafa a-Dirani, an activist with the pro-opposition Umayya Media Center, told Syria Direct Tuesday.

“Despite the circumstances… there are still around 10,000 civilians living in the city, the majority of them being women and children,” Sultan, another activist working on the campaign, told Syria Direct.

The bill itself includes data highlighting the realities of the city’s residents over the course of the 1,000-day siege, reporting that more than 800 barrel bombs have targeted Darayya and more than 2,200 people have been killed.

Several rebel factions control Darayya, located less than 10km southwest of the Damascus city center. The regime’s Mezze military airport is located just north of Darayya city.

Photo courtesy of Darayya Media Center.

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