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EXCLUSIVE: Rebels down MiG plane in A-Raqqa

April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013

From our correspondent in A-Raqqa

A-RAQQA: Rebels on Tuesday shot down one of the Syrian army’s MiG23 warplanes, killing one of the pilots and capturing the other.

The plane was downed 25 kilometers outside the town of Tabaqah, site of intense clashes between FSA-led rebels and regime forces for control of a military base there.

The remains of a MiG23 plane shot down by rebels on Tuesday outside Tabaqah city in A-Raqqa province. Video courtesy of tabaqah revu YouTube channel.

In the capital city, regime warplanes are still conducting ongoing attacks in the area of Division 17, with seven airstrikes executed by jet planes and two choppers flying overhead on Monday, making air drops. Fighting is going on now every day.

MiG jets flew above A-Raqqa City on Monday, but the [rebels’] anti-aircraft weapons forced them to stay at an elevated height.

Rebels continue their month-long siege on the regime’s Division 17, it’s largest presence in northeast Syria. Rebel leaders estimate they have captured 85% of the base, located just outside the provincial capital of A-Raqqa City.


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