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‘Extremist brigades are harmful to the revolution’s existence and future’

August 20, 2013

Auguest 20, 2013

Mwafak Zreiq, 58, is a Syrian writer and political analyst now living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is a former Syrian Coalition member who resigned what he considered a lack of progress within the organization. He talks to Nuha Shabaan about how Islamist militias in Latakia province are spiraling out of control.

Q: How can Alawites trust the FSA?

A: It’s true there is sect called Alawite, but its not an unified entity that can express itself now because a big part of Alawites are with the regime which increases their fears about joining the FSA. We must differentiate between the FSA brigades and the extremist brigades like Jabhat a-Nusra and al-Qaeda, which we all fear, not just the Alawites, because of their unpredictable behaviors.

Generally the FSA brigades are not radical and not dangerous. Idris and Odah expressed that there is nothing to fear in the liberated areas except from limited individual acts.

The other extremist brigades cannot be guaranteed and are harmful to the revolution’s existence and future.

Any one gets his hands dirty will be held accountable, whether he is an Alawite or not, this is the guarantee.

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