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FSA spokesman: Regime moving chemical weapons to Lebanon

September 18, 2013 Fahed al-Masri is a spokesman for the […]

18 September 2013

September 18, 2013

Fahed al-Masri is a spokesman for the FSA based in Paris.  

Q: What are your thoughts on the Russian initiative regarding Syria’s chemical weapons?

The agreement emphasized three main points:

First point the Assad regime providing a detailed list containing all information about its chemical weapons, second point International UN investigators going to Syria to follow up in late November, and last destroying the chemical weapons arsenal in mid-2014.

But destroying these weapons needs 10 years because destroying the supply requires special infrastructure. This step represents an attempt to save Bashar al-Assad with his term up in mid-2014. Given what Kerry said, does that mean the Syria crisis will continue?

It is strange that the agreement doesn’t mention Syrians’ suffering in order to stop this catastrophe, and does not hold accountable a criminal who is responsible for this massacre being committed for the past two and half years.

The United States has lost its credibility and let down Syrians. Putin achieved a victory over the US, even if it is temporary, because of President Obama’s hesitation and flip-flopping. Still, a military intervention is a certainty.

The agreement gave Bashar al-Assad one week to give coordinates for locations and quantities of chemical weapons. The Syrian regime will manipulate this information and it has already started by transporting portions of its arsenal to Iran, Lebanon and Iraq.

Q: Is there any proof that the regime is transporting chemical weapons?

A: We have proof and documents confirming Hezbollah received two shipments of chemical weapons three months ago transported by the regime’s units from Outer Damascus. Hezbollah units received these shipments in al-Nabi Shayth area in the Lebanese Beqaa area. Hezbollah then moved them to four locations: 1- Jabal Sanin 2- Jard al-Youmaneh 3- Oyoun Arash 4- Mishmish Town, located between Jiroud al-Harmal and Jiroud Akar.

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