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Hezbollah leader: Syria didn’t give us chemical weapons

September 24, 2013

NASRALLAH’S DENIAL: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah denied receiving any chemical weapons from Syria in an interview with Hezbollah’s own television channel Al-Manar on Monday night. “Syria did not and will not give us chemical weapons,” said Nasrallah, who characterized the accusation that his party hidden Syrian weapons in Lebanon as “ridiculous.”

“The storehouses are in Jabal Sannin, Jard al-Yomneh, Aoyon Argash and the town of Mishmish[KG1] ,” FSA spokesman in Paris Fahad al-Masri told Syria Direct last week. The FSA has proof that Hezbollah received a shipment of chemical weapons from the Syrian regime three months ago and hid it in their storehouses in Lebanon al-Masri said.

Nasrallah’s speech lasted for an hour as he blamed sectarian Syrian opposition “takfiris” for the mid-August explosions in the Beirut neighborhood of al-Ruwais. Nasrallah’s statements come alongside the Lebanese military’s deployment in the southern Beirut district of al-Dahieh, the first military deployment to the Shiite militia’s power base in years.

 The Shiite leader also called on the Gulf, Arab countries and Turkey to reassess their position on the Syrian crisis. “Betting on a military solution is a failing bet,” he said, while adding that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria do not exceed more than a few dozen.

Video Courtesy of MTV Lebanon News.

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