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ISIS rallies in Lebanon, Jordan

ISIS TRENDING: Rallies for the Islamic State of Iraq and […]

25 June 2014

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صورة من المسيرة في معان

ISIS TRENDING: Rallies for the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) extended beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria and moved into new territory over the past week: Lebanon and Jordan.

In the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, dozens of men waved black and white flags bearing the ISIS emblem on Tuesday as they marched in support of terror suspects who were recently arrested in the city, Lebanese television channel Al Jadeed reported.

Tensions are running high between Sunnis and Alawites in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second-largest city, as a spillover of the war in Syria next door.

To Syria’s south, a number of people gathered in the southern town of Maan, Jordan last Friday to celebrate ISIS’s achievements in Iraq, according to Jordanian news agency Assebeel.

The demonstrators were there to express joy that “repression that been lifted from the shoulders of the Sunnis in Iraq,” the organizer of the march, Assam Abu Darwish, told Assebeel.

The rally in Maan, Abu Darwish said, was also meant to remind the “Jordanian government of the Shiite threat to the kingdom.”

Last weekend, Jordanian officials said they would reinforce their side of the border crossing with Iraq after ISIS and other Sunni forces seized control of the Iraqi side of Turaibil, the only legal crossing between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Facebook is blocking the sale of ISIS paraphernalia being sold on it, CNN rpeorted.

“ISIS has a big base of support in Southeast Asia,” terrorism researcher JM Berger told CNN. “A number of foreign fighters come from the region.”

-June 25, 2014

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