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MIG raid in Homs Province

July 5, 2013

RESIDENTIAL RAIDS: This video shows the Syrian Air Force striking a residential zone in a-Rastan with a bomb designed to hit submarines from the skies.

The town which lies 20 kilometers north of Homs with a population around 100 thousand people has one of the highest rates of defection from the government’s army and officers corps.

Suhaib al-Ali, from the pro-revolution a-Rastan Media Office said, “the raid at 8:30 am MIG jet targeted a civilian residence housing a six-member family, and in a miracle, we managed to save a child from under the rubble. The rest of the family was killed while they were sleeping.”

Al-Ali added, “Rastan is under FSA control, and it falls on the international road that linking Turkey, Aleppo, and Damascus.”

Video courtesy of a-Rastan Media Center

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