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Murder of Kamal Hamami

July 18, 2013

WITNESS TO A KILL: Underground online site Latakia Al-Hadath interviews an eyewitness to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s assassination last week of Kamal Hamami,

also known as Abu Baseer. Hamami was the commander of the al-Ez bin al-Salam Brigades and a member of the FSA’s Supreme Military Council.

Media reports and interviews with Hamami’s colleagues indicate that he was a valued member of the Free Syrian Army and enjoyed a good reputation both inside Syria and with Western countries.

Hamami, according to this interview with a lieutenant called Abu Ahmed who was present during the confrontation with the ISIS commander, kept his cool while literally under fire, ordering his men to put down their weapons and trying to find common ground with the ISIS emir up until the moment of his death. Here, Syria Direct translates the lieutenant’s interview. Video courtesy : Latakia Al-Hadath

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