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Muslim Brotherhood: JAN-Al-Qaeda merger invented by Assad and allies

April 11, 2013 The following is a press release issued […]

11 April 2013

April 11, 2013

The following is a press release issued today by Zuhair Salem, a London-based spokesman for Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood. In it, he blames the international community for overlooking Syrian state terrorism. The original statement in Arabic is here.

LONDON: We are committed to our Islamic agenda within a national framework. We, [however], condemn terrorism. Regarding the statement by the alleged prince of the Islamic State of Iraq’s claims about Jabhat a-Nusra, which is participating in resisting the Assad tyranny, we think the Assad gang and its Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese allies were primarily the ones who invented this statement.

Their statement aims to promote division and provide more excuses for those who resist assisting the Syrian people. If we consider the timing of this statement, we see that partisans of Bashar al-Assad or Iran’s Supreme Leader [Ali Khamanei] are behind it.

What is suspicious about the international community is that it continues to doubt the assistance Syrians are receiving from their fellow Arabs, but at the same time ignores [the Lebanese, Russian and Iranian] factions inside Syria.

Even though we condemn terror, we think it’s time for the world to reconsider its definition [of that term]. The international community must recognize that terrorism is based on acts and behavior, not religions or identities. The international community must recognize that the use of plastic missiles against civilians is an act of terror.

The international community must acknowledge that the intervention of Russia, Iran, Hezebollah and [Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri] al-Maliki in Syria is an act of terror.

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