Prominent Regime Apologist Surfaces in Amman

May 28, 2013

After years serving as the leading academic apologist for the Assad government, Yahya al-Aridi announced Saturday that he has left Syria and broken ties to the regime. The dean of the Media Faculty at Damascus University, al-Ardri ‘s resume includes a PhD in linguistics from Georgetown University, a stint as the government’s spokesman in London,

Director of Syria’s Channel Two Television, and a frequent Middle East commentator on Iran’s Press TV.

Al –Ardri told Al Arabiya Saturday that he delayed his break with al Assad for reasons of personal and family security and had entertained hopes of reforming the state from within.

“As for why I waited until now, I was afraid that I might die, just like any other Syrian who has died,” al-Aridi told the channel.

 “Then the truth about my opinions would die with me; something I didn’t want to happen. Now I state it clearly; what’s happening in Syria is a crime. “ video courtesy of Swaida Media Center

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