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Q&A: Who are the al-Maghawier Forces?

February 28, 2013 Ahmed Kwider talks to Sariya al-Dimashqi, whose […]

28 February 2013

February 28, 2013

Ahmed Kwider talks to Sariya al-Dimashqi, whose Al-Mughawier Forces grabbed headlines this week after launching mortars at the Faculty of Arts in Damascus on Wednesday.

Q: Tell us about al-Maghawier Forces. Under which umbrella do they operate?

A: Al-Maghawier Forces include revolutionary brigades and battalions that operate all across Syria. Their aim is to bring down Assad’s criminal regime and all its cronies, and to bring them to justice along with everyone involved in shedding Syrian blood.

The forces operate under the FSA General Staff.

Q: How were al-Maghawier fighters trained to fight battle in sensitive areas held by the regime?

A: Many defected army officers who specialize in these kinds of operations participate in training and preparing al-Maghawier forces. We have training centers equipped with all weapons which are available or might be in the future. We train our fighters for one month before they engage in battle.

Q: What is al-Maghawier role in the FSA plans to control Damascus?

A: Al-Maghawier forces always coordinate with all brigades and battalions in Damascus and also the FSA General Staff and the Jabhat al-Janoub.

Q: Do you take any precautions not to harm civilians when you target the regime? An example of that is the School of Arts mortar attack.

A: Of course we try our best not to endanger civilians and the reason why we’re fighting is to defend them and save their lives from this regime that shells civilians every day and kills women and children.

The regime declared Damascus a war zone. We always try to avoid targeting civilian areas, but we had reports about an important security meeting in that center so we struck.

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