Qusair Struggles to Treat and Evacuate Wounded 5-31-13

May 31, 2013

Large numbers of armored vehicles and rocket launchers bombarded the citizens of al-Qusair from all directions Friday. “There’s no food or water. Hezbollah’s fighters have captured the water station that supplies al-Qusair, and water has been cut for a week,” says Abo Bilal, a field activist in the area. “Civilians struggle to stay alive under these conditions. Most crucially, there’s a lack of medical equipment, even though we have more than 1,000 injuries.”


Citizen journalist Hadi al-Abdallah told Syria Direct that a rebel organized evacuation of the injured were targeted with mortars and gunfire killing nine people. “The government army didn’t have enough with this number of victims and injuries, clashes continue up till now, shells and airstrikes are still hitting al-Qusair,” said al-Abdallah.

In the video, al-Abdullah, accuses the “world of passing a death sentence on the Syrian people.” Video Courtesy al-Qusair LCC

The Syrian [state] news agency, SANA, reported Friday “units of our brave army have failed attempts of terrorist groups to sneak from Lebanese areas into the village of al-Sarhaniyah in al-Qusayr.” The agency said that most of the “terrorists” were killed or injured. 

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