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Raids intensify in A-Raqqa

April 8, 2013 From our correspondent in A-Raqqa, who asked […]

8 April 2013

April 8, 2013

From our correspondent in A-Raqqa, who asked to remain anonymous for his safety

A-RAQQA CITY: The [government] air forces have been conducting raids on the northern side of a-Raqqa city, near Division 17, since the morning. More than 10 airstrikes have been carried out. They targeted al-Sawameh, al-Rahba and al-Falaheen areas.

[The government] fired a surface-to-surface missile on al-Fardos neighborhood, near the sports playground. Three people were injured. Water flooded after a water pipe exploded.

Hospitals in a-Raqqa are sending a plea for help as they lack medical supplies, mainlyoxygen tanks, especially at the maternity hospital.

The city suffers a severe shortage of flour. All phone, mobile phone and internet services have been cut for 20 days.

Outer Rural Raqqa:

Citizens are suffering from a severe shortage of basic commodities. Water and electricity have been cut for more than three weeks.

Western Rural:

The FSA used a new model of locally made rockets against government air force base in Tabaqah, achieving direct hits. Clashes [between the FSA and the army] simultaneously occurred around the AFB. The army randomly bombed civilians’ houses with artillery.

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