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Resigned rebel general excoriates battalion leaders

COMMENT FROM THE FRONTLINES: “I left my post, but I […]

17 November 2013

COMMENT FROM THE FRONTLINES: “I left my post, but I will not leave the revolution,” declares the former Commander of the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo in an interview with Orient News Thursday, adding he would not leave Syria.

Al-Aqidi told the journalist, Mo’ayad Askief, that while his resignation was a message to the “emaciated” political opposition and the “weak” international community, his disappointment is directed chiefly at “leaders of military formations in Aleppo, who have deviated from from the correct path, running for [political or military] positions.”

“These positions are not worth one drop of Syrian blood,” he added.

Al-Aqidi resigned on November 3rd days after the southern Aleppo town of al-Safira fell to regime forces. In a statement upon his resignation, Al-Aqidi blamed the loss of the town, which lies on the alternate road between Aleppo and Hama, on the opposition’s failure to unite in its defense.

Since his resignation, government forces have continued to advance on the alternate road toward largely rebel-held Aleppo, seizing the town of Tel Arn last week and engaging in clashes at Brigade 80 near Aleppo International Airport.

Before his resignation, Al-Aqidi, a 2012 defector from the Syrian Army, was the most well known Free Syrian Army leader inside Syria. General Abdel Hamid Zakarya has replaced him.

Video Courtesy of Orient News

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