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Sarin on the Suburbs

RED LINE Multiple sources from the Eastern Ghouta suburbs have […]

21 August 2013

RED LINE Multiple sources from the Eastern Ghouta suburbs have provided accounts of a coordinated and extensive missile strike launched in the pre-dawn hours.

Activists have uploaded numerous videos with horrifying images of dead and wounded while the state media insists the reports are “completely baseless”.

“From three to seven AM we received about 600 casualties,” said Dr. Majed abu Ali, of the Douma Medical Office.

“Sixty died in Douma alone, and more than 50% were women and children,” said the physician who added that the concentration of gas was high in this with patients choking, fainting and presenting with dilated pupils and foaming at the mouth.

“All of these symptoms are applicable with Sarin gas,” concluded Dr. Abu Ali.

Government-run news agency SANA editorialized that the incidents shown have been staged to “distract the UN chemical weapons investigation commission away from its mission”

A twenty member panel United Nations inspectors arrived in Damascus Sunday with regime permission to travel to Khan Assal, a town outside Aleppo where the government alleges the rebels deployed chemical agents against civilians.

Said Ismail Deirani, spokesman of Revolution Command Council in Outer Damascus called on  the UN panel to go “directly to Ain Terma and Zamalka, where then they can investigate that directly and obtain live evidence from the place where this is happening now.”

Video courtesy of HAMMORIA FOR EVER

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