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Syria Direct: News Update: 11-05-2013

* An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander was killed in the […]

5 November 2013

* An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander was killed in the southern suburbs of Damascus, reported the Iranian news agency Mehr on Monday. The agency stated the commander had volunteered to protect the grave of Sayeda Zainab in Damascus.

* Syrian PM Wael al-Halaqi said on Monday that “abolishing terrorism in Syria is only a matter of time now,” adding that Syrian government will attend Geneva II “without any advanced conditions,” the official news agency SANA reported.

Wael al-Halqi

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi. Photo courtesy of Johnib.

* Seven people were killed in car bomb on Monday, with three children and women among them in the town of Thabtiyeh in Homs province. Meanwhile, clashes continue in southern Damascus between rebel groups and regime forces, the Syrian Observatory reported.

* After violent clashes with ISIS and Jabhat a-Nusra, Kurdish People’s Protection Units now fully control 13 villages along the main road between al-Ain and Hasaka cities in northeast Syria on Monday, Zaman al-Wasil reported. The Kurdish units now count 19 villages under their control.

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