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Syria Direct: News Update 8-21-2013

* More than a thousand killed in the wake of […]

21 August 2013

* More than a thousand killed in the wake of pre-dawn missile attack on East Ghouta says Ismael al-Dirani, spokesman for the Revolutionary Command Council in outer Damascus. Government sources tell state-run SANA news agency that accounts of massive deaths from sarin-tipped missiles launched on Damascus suburbs are “completely baseless” and aimed to “distract the UN chemical weapons investigation commission away from its mission.”

*Fighter jets hit Jobar neighborhood of Damascus Wednesday with vacuum bombs reports Syria Live Network

*“We will only sit at a negotiation table that accepts the rights of the Kurds,” Faisal Yusuf tells Kurdpress . The veteran Kurdish Syrian political figure says he will abandon Syrian Coalition after SNC President tells Al Hayat, that there is “no Kurdish geographic area in Syria.”

*International Organization for Migration says Iraqi Kurdistan is limiting the number of Syrian Kurdish refugees entering to three thousand per day. 

*Twelve Egyptian human rights groups expressed deep concern on Tuesday over the detention of dozens of Syrian and Palestinian refugees with Syrian documents reports Al Mosri al Youm. Meanwhile Syrian expatriates in Egypt are crowding flights from Cairo to Damascus as refugees feel unwelcome reports Andalou News Agency.

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