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Syrian rebels show captured Hezbollah ID card

April 24, 2013

SECTARIAN SHOWDOWN: “We have a message for Hezbollah: Your graves will be in Al-Qusair, God willing,” one of the Syrian rebels says after unveiling the Lebanese and Hezbollah identity cards of Mohamed Hassan al-Miqdad, a commander in the Shiite militia who escaped a rebel-led ambush on Tuesday.

“Miqdad was not in the border villages as Hezbollah claims,” the fighter says in the clip. “This ID is conclusive evidence of the existence of Lebanese Hezbollah and their killing of Syrians.”

Al-Miqdad was reportedly shot and injured during the ambush, but escaped. He left his ID cards behind in addition to personal items and communications equipment, shown [at 2:32] in the back of the captured pick-up truck he was in. The Hezbollah ID card was issued by the militia’s security committee. It requests that Hezbollah security officials facilitate the passage of the card holder.

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