Warplane drops bomb on disputed area outside Damascus 4-2-13

April 2, 2013

This video shows what citizen journalists inside Syria claim to be an airstrike on the Mlayha area of Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday. Airstrikes have become almost a daily occurrence because regime soldiers cannot penetrate the rebels’ hold over Eastern Ghouta. The strikes are a way to pressure residents into withdrawing their support for rebel fighters.

 The MiG fighter drops its payload at :06. The explosion occurs at :45. The town of Mlayha lies on the main highway east of the capital. Mlayha also houses a regime military base; all rebels’ attempts to capture the base have failed. The town also neighbors Jaramana, the only government stronghold in the rebel-dominated Eastern Ghouta. Video courtesy of SaqbaRevo0 YouTube channel.

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