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After a string of victories, Idlib rebels head south

The Idlib Victory Army rebel coalition is posed to chase […]

20 May 2015

The Idlib Victory Army rebel coalition is posed to chase the regime out of Idlib province entirely after Tuesday’s seizure of the Mastuma army base. On Wednesday, rebels pursuing retreating regime forces took Nahliya, a village on the road to the city of Ariha, the regime’s last position in the province. A member of Ahrar a-Sham, a rebel faction in the Victory Army, gave an on-the-ground update in a video uploaded to YouTube:

“Just now a garrison of one of Assad’s gangs has fallen under the feet of the Victory Army in the Nahliya village. It fell after it was threatened and attacked with heavy weapons by rebels and the outer lines of the village were stormed. It fell after heavy and violent clashes, thanks be to God.”

“What is the strategic importance of this village and how far away is it from Ariha?” asks the cameraman.

“Nahliya is a village located on a hill, and this hill overlooks the city of Ariha and is not more than three or four kilometers from the city. And now rebels are continuing to advance towards the city of Ariha, by the favor of God.”

-May 20, 2015

Translation by James Bowker and Ghardinia Ashour. 

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