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Daraa activists call on rebels to complete ‘liberation’ of the city

Civilians in liberated areas of Daraa city took to the […]

31 May 2015

Civilians in liberated areas of Daraa city took to the streets in protest on Saturday, condemning the “feebleness” of rebel leaders and imploring them to liberate the rest of the city, displaying messages decrying the disconnectedness of rebel leaders from the people, in pictures published by the local Nabaa Media Foundation.

“You spent your meetings drinking cola and eating apples, where is your religion?” read one protestor’s sign.

Activists and civilians also accused rebel leaders of being “agents of foreign intelligence services,” and reminded them of the daily barrel bombings they are exposed to, reported the Nabaa Media Foundation.

For their part, the Free Syrian Army cited tactical considerations and the necessity of secrecy as reasons for not announcing the beginning of a battle for the rest of the city.

“Military operations [in Daraa] were anticipated to occur directly after the liberation of the Nasib border crossing and Busra al-Sham. However the circumstances of military planning rely on the element of surprise. We understand the civilians anger, but [at the same time] are not changing strategies,” Captain Asam al-Rais, the spokesperson of the FSA’s Southern Front, told Syria Direct on Monday.  

Officials with rebel battalions also cited a lack of ammunition and heavy weapons from the Military Operations Center in Jordan, reported pro-opposition All4Syria.

“We understand the feelings of the people and the pressure that the regime is putting on them is increasing their anger. All we can say to them is that we promise them we will liberate them shortly…when the military operation is ready.”

Since a string of recent gains against the regime in Daraa province, fighters in southern Syria spent much of the last month in battles against the Islamic State.

-Photo courtesy of Nabaa’

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