16 10, 2019

The rise and fall of the Syrian Democratic Forces

By Mohammad Abdulssattar Ibrahim|2020-12-02T11:03:25+02:00October 16, 2019|

Just as surprising as President Donald Trump’s decision to abandon US allies in northeastern Syria and pave the way for Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring,” was the Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) turn towards Moscow and Damascus to reach a settlement that would halt the Turkish attack.

15 10, 2019

The Syrian National Army: For the Syrian revolution or against the Kurds?

By Walid Al Nofal|2020-12-02T11:03:35+02:00October 15, 2019|

Throughout the Syrian Revolution, there have been persistent popular calls for the Syrian opposition factions to unify as a single military body that can guarantee the gains made over the past eight years and extend the goals of the revolution: freedom and equal effective citizenship for all Syrians, regardless of their religious, ethnic, and ideological affiliations.

1 10, 2019

Russian pretexts at Assad’s disposal

By Alaa Nassar|2021-03-18T11:53:02+02:00October 1, 2019|

AMMAN—Although the reasons that led Russia to intervene militarily in Syria, on September 30, 2015, are “plentiful, complex and interrelated,” according to Taha Abdul Wahed, a Syrian journalist who focuses on Russian affairs, Russian officials seldom mention these reasons to justify their intervention.

19 08, 2019

SDF arrest humanitarian workers in Raqqa, raising questions and concerns

By Mohammad Abdulssattar IbrahimAmmar Hamou|2020-12-02T14:13:16+02:00August 19, 2019|

AMMAN—Last week, a group of humanitarian workers was arrested in the northern city of Raqqa, by the Kurdish-led military alliance, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). While the arrests are part of a security crackdown launched by SDF since the defeat of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in March 2018, targeting humanitarian workers seems to be unprecedented and, consequently, invokes concerns about the future of the humanitarian efforts in the city. 

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