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  • ShaitaatTribe

    WELCOME HOME: IS-affiliated Euphrates News Agency published video footage Wednesday reportedly showing Shaitat tribe members returning to their village after a three-month exile and the massacre of up to 700 of their tribesmen by Islamic State fighters in Deir e-Zor.  

    One tribesman appearing in the video denied responsibility for provoking the wrath of IS. “Since the beginning, we didn't do anything; the trouble (fitna) was caused by saboteurs and oil traders and thieves who dispersed the Shaitat.”

  • Presoners

    HARD TIME: “The detainees in regime prisons need your prayers. Get out of prison and return to us,” reads a graffiti image posted in southern Damascus circulating widely on social media websites Wednesday.

    Reliable statistics on the number of prisoners in regime jails are hard to come by. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented 1,900 prisoners killed while in detention from the beginning of this year to October 31, compared with 2,400 last year.

  • DamascusNow

    PRICE OF FREEDOM: Fifty families left the rebel-held, besieged city of Douma in the east Damascus suburbs for Damascus Monday, after 30 families were allowed to leave the day before, reported local pro-opposition website Ghouta Now.

    It was not immediately clear why the government allowed the families to leave, but activists said official Syrian news outlets were present at the checkpoints to document their departure.



    NOWHERE TO HIDE: When the Gardenia Towers hotel in Homs city began to be built in 2009, residents looked forward to the modern architectural feel that the two towers—the taller of which has 23 stories—would lend to the area.

    Yet as regime snipers began using the towers in mid-2011 to pick off civilians involved in protests across Homs, and later rebel combatants, the buildings took on a new nickname: the “Death Towers.”

  • NOWHERE TO HIDE: When the Gardenia Towers hotel in Homs city began to be built in 2009, residents looked forward to the modern architectural feel that the two towers—the taller of which has 23 stories—would lend to the area.

    Yet as regime snipers began using the towers in mid-2011 to pick off civilians involved in protests across Homs, and later rebel combatants, the buildings took on a new nickname: the “Death Towers.”

  • B2kO8GZCEAAkne2

    PRICE TO PAY: The Jordanian Prime Ministry has canceled free medical treatment for Syrian refugees in Jordanian public hospitals in a decision that went into effect Saturday, reported the state-run Jordanian daily A-Rai.

    A picture of the decree—initially passed on November 12—was circulated widely on social media websites Saturday. The decree nullifies previous government decisions that had granted Syrian refugees free treatment, and specifies that Syrian refugees will “be treated as uninsured Jordanians,” and will be responsible for “paying treatment fees...directly.”

  • childrenAgainst terror

    THE LOST ONES: The Syrian Media Organization (SMO) – an Amman-based pro-opposition news agency – teamed up with activists in Syria to launch the #Children_Against_Terror campaign on Thursday to commemorate Universal Children’s Day. 

    “The main goal of the campaign is to draw the world’s attention to the suffering of Syrian children and to highlight the crimes against them that occur at the hands of regime forces and Shiite militias [Hezbollah, Iraqi and Iranian forces],” Hamza Jazar, an Amman-based member of SMO, told Syria Direct Thursday.

    The campaign’s Facebook page is littered with photographs of Syrian children facing dire circumstances across Syria and in its neighboring countries Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

  • DaraaBus

    NEXT STOP, LEARNING: Syrian activists in Daraa province are doing their best to give children who have had their lives and schooling disrupted a second chance at childhood.

  • Darayaa

    WAR AND PEACE: Truce negotiations between rebels and the regime in the southwest Damascus town of Daraya collapsed two months ago, ensuring the continuation of the two-year government siege.

  • al-Qadam

    BAIT AND SWITCH: Although the south Damascus districts of al-Qadam (pictured above) and al-Asali agreed to a truce with the regime 11 weeks ago that would provide relief after more than two years of a total blockade, mortars continue to fall on both neighborhoods.



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Regime attack on Ein al-Fijeh threatens Damascus water supply

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Coalition bombs border town for 4th time

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IS calls Nusra ‘apostates,’ rejects call for ceasefire

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MAP: Nusra Cleanses Idlib Province

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Jabhat a-Nusra, unchallenged, expands territory in Idlib

November 12, 2014 By Brent Eng and Osama Abu Zeid AMMAN: Jabhat a-Nusra, Ahar a-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa surrounded an FSA-controlled town in Idlib province on Tuesday in an ongoing effort... Read more

US attacks ‘most popular militia of the rebellion’

November 6, 2014 By Brent Eng, Mohammed al-Haj Ali and Moutasem Jamal AMMAN: The US-led coalition reportedly conducted airstrikes against Jabhat a-Nusra and an Ahrar a-Sham base in Idlib province near the... Read more


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Islamic State: Dollar ‘will be hit hard’ by currency

November 27, 2014 Earlier this month, the Islamic State announced that it would begin making its own currency in November. It will take the form of... Read more

Encircled by the regime and ruled by Jaysh al-Islam, Douma residents run out of options

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Islamic State treats Deir e-Zor residents ‘like prisoners’

November 25, 2014 Prior to its takeover of Deir e-Zor province this past July, the Islamic State (IS) was known to win the hearts, and stomachs,... Read more

Sunnis struggle in Latakia, says citizen journalist

November 24, 2014 Before the war, the port city of Latakia was known as the unofficial capital of the Alawites in Syria. Nearly 70 percent of... Read more

Darayya truce talks have 'failed completely'

November 20, 2014 Last week, the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Darayya marked two years of ongoing war with the Assad regime. An estimated 66,000 people still... Read more

Regime 'desperate' for Handarat as rival rebels unite

November 18, 2014 Regime forces launched a surprise attack in early October against rebel positions just north of Aleppo city, capturing the town of Handarat and... Read more

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