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  • EastGhoutaElectricity

    POWER FAILURE: Syrians in regime-controlled areas have become accustomed to electricity rationing, with some living with only four hours of electricity a day.

    Meanwhile, in many rebel–controlled areas, a lack of fuel for electricity generation has meant a total cutoff, with residents turning to alternative solutions to meet their energy needs. 

    Above, residents of East Ghouta build turbines to generate electricity from running water.

  • HomssMedia

    WAER UNDER FIRE: Regime airstrikes in Al-Waer pounded the last opposition-held district in Homs city Tuesday, punishing rebels and civilians who have been besieged by the regime for more than a year, reported the pro-opposition Homs Media Center.

    “The neighborhood was hit by 16 airstrikes in a way that we have never seen before,” an Al-Waer-based media activist, who goes by the pseudonym Mohammed al-Homsi out of fear for his safety, told Syria Direct Wednesday.

    “[The attack] may be in retaliation for the fall of Wadi Deif,” al-Homsi said, referring to the opposition’s capture of one of the largest military regime bases in the country, located in Idlib province, on Monday.

  • RegimeSoldiersFlee2

    THE GREAT ESCAPE: Regime forces fled en masse from the fallen military bases of Wadi Deif and Hamadiya in Idlib province on Tuesday, resulting in opposition forces seizing control of southern Idlib and reportedly taking hundreds of prisoners.

    “The number of regime prisoners [rebels captured] is more than 250, including a commander and 15 regime soldiers who tried to escape by dressing like women,” an Idlib-based journalist, who goes by the pseudonym Alaa al-Din and works for the pro-opposition Idlib News Agency, told Syria Direct Tuesday. The journalist’s story was corroborated by other opposition news sources based in Idlib.

  • SNHR

    DEATH TRAP: Syrian government forces have killed an estimated 3,273 civilians nationwide since the beginning of US-led airstrikes in Syria on September 23, a total that is 30 times the number killed by the Islamic State (IS) in the same period, according to pro-opposition monitoring group the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR).

  • EastGhoutateachers

    MONEY TEACHES: Dozens of teachers and students organized a protest in East Ghouta Saturday to demand the Syrian interim government provide them with financial support amidst a crippling regime blockade, reported pro-opposition news agency Siraj Press.

    “The criminal regime is killing us with bullets and you are killing us by cutting the support from us [in] East Ghouta,” reads the sign above carried by a protester.

    “I am a teacher and I want to live,” says another sign.

  • RedCrescent

    CONTROVERSIAL CRESCENT: Syrian Red Crescent representatives celebrate the one-year anniversary of the regime takeover over of al-Nabek in the Qalamoun region with members of the National Defense Force (shabiha) on Wednesday.

    The National Defense Force's flag is visible above the female Syrian Red Crescent worker showing the victory sign.

    One media activist expressed his surprise at the photo in comments made on Syria Reporter's Facebook page, which originally uploaded the photo. The page hosts a network of opposition activists.

  • IS-Damascus

    GO SOUTH: IS-affiliated news outlets published photos on Tuesday, including the one above, confirming the Islamic State’s capture of parts of the desert region populated by Bedouins that is administratively part of Outer Damascus province.

    The pictures appear to confirm reports that have circulated in recent weeks of the Islamic State attacking, and then taking control of, the rebel-held area of Bir al-Qasb near the Outer Damascus-Suwayda border in southern Syria.

  • DoorsofDestroyedHouses

    BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: “The doors of destroyed houses have become firewood because of the lack of fuel for heating,” reads the caption on this picture from East Ghouta's Hamuriya district, which circulated on social media Monday.

    Residents of the encircled, rebel-held East Ghouta suburbs have turned to increasingly desperate measures to heat themselves as winter sets in. “Wood from trees, furniture, plastic, trash and animal dung” are all now used as fuel, a local Douma resident told Syria Direct.

  • NusraUNCar

    CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Jabhat a-Nusra detonated two car bombs Sunday targeting regime forces in Sheikh Miskeen, including one rigged from a United Nations vehicle.

    A suicide bomber called 'Abu Adam' detonated the first vehicle—which appears to be a Russian-made BMP-1—in the Sheikh Miskeen's regime-held officers' quarters. 'Abu Khitab' followed Abu Adam in a United Nations armored vehicle, with the black letters UN visible on the back.

  • DoumaProtest

    FALSE PROMISES: A handful of residents in opposition-held Douma reportedly held a silent protest against the encircled city’s judiciary council on Wednesday as the regime continues its total encirclement of the town.

    “We died of hunger and begged you for promises,” reads the sign a protester holds, purportedly addressing a well-known Islamic judge in Douma posted to Facebook Wednesday.



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