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  • EMINENT DOMAIN: Displaced residents of the formerly rebel-held neighborhood of Ghweiran in Al-Hasakah city marched Wednesday in protest of Tuesday’s joint Kurdish PYD and regime takeover of the district, demanding that the regime forces leave the neighborhood and allow them back in.

    After over a month of fighting, Ghweiran rebels, mostly composed of local fighters and former Free Syrian Army commanders, agreed to cede control of the besieged neighborhood Tuesday in exchange for safe passage out of the city. The regime and PYD share joint control over the provincial capital.

    Meanwhile, the hundreds of displaced Ghweiran residents who were forced to evacuate the district when violence escalated have been trapped outside of their homes.

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    BACKTRACKING: Rebels led by Free Syrian Army-associated battalions and Jabhat a-Nusra announced Monday that they captured the east Damascus suburb Dukhaniyeh as part of their larger strategy to retake the town of Mleiha – the east gateway in and out of the capital.

    While much of the media attention around Damascus has been focused on the regime’s vicious aerial campaign against nearby Jobar, ultimately al-Dukhaniyeh may prove to be more crucial in the battle for the capital.

    By taking Dukhaniyeh, the rebels hope to cut off the central road that transports troops and military supplies between central Damascus and Mleiha.

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    BRIDGE TO NOWHERE: The Deir e-Zor Siyasiya Bridge, the last active supply route into the Islamic State-controlled provincial capital, was crippled Monday morning by a blast by an as-yet unknown party, isolating the city from its suburbs.

    “The explosion took place after charges were placed on the sides of the bridge and detonated by remote control,” a spokesperson for the city who asked not be named told Syria Direct Monday.

    In this photograph taking shortly after the explosion, the suspension bridge is severed just before it stretches over the Euphrates River.

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    CARE IN THERE: The Syrian regime has targeted medical and relief workers since the beginning of the war, killing thousands and driving others to leave the country, a fact documented by the UN and international humanitarian organizations.

    Syrians have responded by constructing clinics in obscure, well-protected locales, such as this facility being dug into a rock face—at an undisclosed location in FSA-held territory—which is slated to become a hospital modeled after an underground mine.

    “Since the beginning of Syria's unrest, government forces have strategically assaulted hospitals and medical units to deprive persons perceived to be affiliated with the opposition of medical care,” the United Nations Human Rights Council wrote in an September 2013 report.

  • Water-Shortage

    GOT WATER?: The local council of the West Ghouta rebel-held city of Daraya, which has been encircled and bombarded by Syrian armed forces for more than two years, remains deadlocked in talks with the regime to establish a truce.

    Here, members of the local council's Services Office distribute water to residents.

    “The local council moves water from the wells that farmers dug a long time ago and distributes it to residents, seeing as water has been cut off for two years now,” Aya a-Daraniya, a Daraya resident and member of the Revolution's Coordinators Gathering, told Syria Direct Wednesday.

    Daraya faces an acute food crisis as well. To meet their nutritional needs, residents have taken to repairing agricultural land and planting zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes, while a barter system has taken the place of currency, according to an exposé published Monday by DeutscheWelle.

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    LEAVE OR DIE: Since the Islamic State (IS) announced the execution of captured Lebanese soldier Abbas Medlej September 6, and proceeded to publish pictures of his headless corpse on social media platforms, a wave of attacks against Syrian refugees has broken out across Lebanon.

    Here, an anonymously distributed notice from the Ziqaq al-Balat, one of Beirut’s 12 districts, gives Syrians a choice—either leave within 48 hours, or face “slaughter and torture until death.” The picture on the left, widely circulated on social media over the weekend, purports to show Lebanese nationals beating a Syrian refugee near the airport road in Dahiya, the Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut controlled by Hezbollah.

    Separately, Lebanese journalist Abbas Nasser posted on Facebook Sunday his eyewitness account of a mob attacking a Syrian, writing that after the Lebanese police arrived to break up the crowd, “a soldier slapped the Syrian and said 'enough, get out of here, they'll beat you up.'”

  • West Ghouta

    FOOD SHORTAGE: A man pushes a cart filled with what appears to be jugs of water in Yelda, a town in the Damascus suburbs of West Ghouta, reportedly telling the photographer, “don't take a picture of my face...everyone sees us but no one takes mercy on us except God.”

    “The regime controls how much, and what types of food enter Yelda,” Mohamad al-Halwani, a Yelda resident and photographer told Syria direct Monday, adding that “water is [still] cut off and only reaches a few residential areas.”

    The Syrian government imposed a siege around rebel-held Yelda from March 2012 until February 2014 and prevented the entry of food into the village, leading to widespread hunger—as documented by videos and photos uploaded to social media websites by local activists during the famine.

  • Jobar22

    BIG BANG: The smoke emanating from the Damascus suburb of Jobar is the result of the most intense bombing campaign the regime has waged on the largely pro-opposition town since rebels led by Jaysh al-Islam took over the area a year ago. 

    “Assad’s warplanes continue to hover in the sky over Jobar since the early morning,” reported the pro-opposition Media Office for Jobar Neighborhood on Thursday, “launching a large number of air raids on different parts of the neighborhood.”

    The regime began escalating its attacks against Jobar last week, fixing its attention on the neighborhood after Syrian forces wrested Mleiha, the southeast gateway in and out of Damascus, in mid-August.

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    BACK TO SCHOOL: A group of schoolgirls in A-Raqqa pose in front of the black and white logo of the Islamic State holding a hand-written sign reading: “It has to get worse before it gets better, either the Caliphate will be or we will not.”

    To the right of the picture, one girl clutches a black backpack with “The Islamic State” hand-written on the front of it.  

    “[IS] issued a statement with many changes, cancellations and amendments to the school curriculum,” a Raqqa-based activist told Syria Direct Wednesday, “including the cancellation of school material about [Syrian] nationalism, Christianity and Islam as well as art, music and philosophy.”

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    NEIGHBORS: Jabhat a-Nusra’s capture of the Quneitra border crossing between Syria and Israel last Wednesday led to an unlikely pairing: flags from the Free Syrian Army, which allied with Nusra for the battle, and Israel, side by side.

    In response to the escalated violence, Israel deployed soldiers from its Northern Command army in armored cars to the border Tuesday. On Monday, Israel declared Quneitra a closed military zone after mortar shells landed in its territory on the Golan Heights.

    The Syrian government, meanwhile, has launched an aggressive campaign to regain control of the border crossing using a combination of heavy bombing and artillery fire to pressure the rebels.



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