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  • NinavaISIS

    STONE AGE: The Islamic State’s Ninevah Province Media Office released a video Thursday showing its fighters destroying ancient Sumerian and Assyrian artifacts stored in the Mosul Historical Museum, reported London-based daily Arabi al-Jadid.  

    “O Muslims, these are not artifacts behind me, but rather idols belonging to peoples who lived centuries ago, who worshipped them instead of God the almighty,” says one of the men in the video.

    “When God almighty ordered that we destroy and obliterate these idols, we don’t think twice, no matter if they’re worth billions of dollars.”

    IS members can be seen throughout the video smashing and destroying antiques, artifacts and statues with sledgehammers and jackhammers.

  • IslamicState12345

    POWER DYNAMICS: The Islamic State released photographs Wednesday purporting to show its fighters firing missiles into the state-run al-Furqlus Gas Company in East Homs.

    The images  were part of a photo essay released by the Islamic State’s Homs Media Office, entitled, “Striking the Nusairis with Lava missiles.”

    “I saw pillars of smoke following the blast on Tuesday after [IS] fired on east al-Furqlus,” Talal al-Rawishdi, a civilian living in al-Furqlus told Syria Direct.

    Regime “artillery shells stationed on a mountain west of al-Furqlus targeted IS positions in the desert area east of the village.”

  • Tel-Hamees

    TAKING FLIGHT: Nearly 50 families fled the village of Tal Hamees, controlled by the Islamic State, southeast of Qamishli in Al-Hasakah province on Sunday amidst clashes between YPG units and Islamic State (IS) fighters, the pro-Kurdish ARA News reported.

    A picture circulated on social media of residents fleeing with their belongings in a long line of vehicles with the caption reading, “dozens of families flee the Tal Hamees countryside towards the towns of Al-Howl and Al-Shadadi after YPG units attack the area.”

    Civilian activist Ismail al-Ali told ARA News on Monday that the families “took shelter in a number of schools in the town of Al-Howl, including the Hussein Abeed elementary school and Hamdan Khadar primary school, both of which are under IS control.”

  • ISKidsFighters

    CHILD SOLDIERS: The Islamic State (IS) released a video on Sunday showing a military training camp for children in A-Raqqa city, known as the “Al-Faruq Institute for Cubs.”

    “Being prevented from working combined with the lack of school options make it easy for IS members to force children into recruitment,” Muhammed Hassan, a member of the Deir e-Ezor LCC, told Syria Direct on Monday.

    The video comes several days after the Islamic State’s announcement last week banning children under the age of 13 from working in territory it controls, the online media campaign, Ar-Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered reported.  

  • HITTING CLOSE TO HOME: At least four people were killed Saturday afternoon in a suicide car bomb attack that struck a local hospital in a regime bastion in the Latakia countryside.

    Al-Qardaha is the hometown of the al-Assad family and the site of former President Hafez al-Assad’s grave. The attack was the first car bombing to take place in Al-Qardaha during the Syrian uprising, according to both Syrian state television and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    The attack was carried out by a local jihadist from the village of Talmash in Idlib province, Omar Ibrahim, official spokesperson for The Collective for the Victory of the Oppressed, told Syria Direct.

  • MuadamiyatA-Sham321

    CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: A state television shoot in a besieged Damascus suburb was met by protests on Sunday, with residents demanding detainees still held by the regime be released.

    In the picture above, posted by the Moadimiyet a-Sham Local Coordination Council Facebook page, a group of the city’s residents demonstrated Monday and raised banners reading “your freedom is more valuable than our truce,” referring to the truce signed with the regime last year that has not been implemented.

  • AMCAleppo

    THANKS, BUT NO THANKS: As rebels resist regime campaigns to take back the city of Aleppo, opposition groups resoundingly rejected UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura’s plan for a “freeze” in the fighting around Aleppo.

    “[De Mistura’s] statements not only ignore the massacres that have been committed, and continue to be committed, by the regime across Syria, but also ignore the latest crimes in Douma in the Damascus countryside, located only kilometers from the UN envoy’s residence in Damascus,” said Jabha a-Shamiyya in a statement Sunday. 

  • IranianOfficers

    ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC: The pro-regime Iranian Revolutionary Guard executed 13 regime soldiers in Daraa over the weekend after accusing them of “treason” and profiting from trade with rebels in the area, reported pro-opposition news agency Nabia Media Foundation.

    The soldiers were charged with giving key military information to rebels that led to heavy losses for the pro-regime forces.

    The execution of the soldiers, including a regime officer, comes in the wake of a major attack on Daraa that the regime launched last week to retake the province.

  • Qasem-Sumaimani11

    GENERAL CONFUSION: Pro-regime media outlets are reporting that the famous Iranian general Qasem Suleimani is assisting regime forces in Daraa in a new campaign to isolate Damascus from rebel-held areas in the Daraa and Quneitra countrysides.

    A correspondent with the local pro-opposition Yaqeen Media Foundation told Syria Direct Wednesday that his colleagues were unable to confirm the news.

  • RedCrescent3232

    FIRST AID: The Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered a load of wheelchairs and crutches to rebel-held eastern areas of Aleppo city Tuesday through the Kraj al-Hajz crossing, reported the group on its Facebook page.

    Earlier in February, rebel group Ahrar a-Sham cooperated with the Red Crescent to move 11 women with chronic illnesses from rebel to regime-controlled territory through the same crossing in order to receive medical treatment, reported pro-opposition Siraj Press.



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